Gloria De Lor is purity in thought and form. Good feelings that become precious feelings and

bring new strength to the wearer. Gloria de Lor is a special gift of noble materials, experience, and craftsmanship.



Passion for harmony, beauty, and art in all its forms is the source of a love for jewellery in Riccardo Orsato, a tireless explorer who has been transforming emotions into works of art for 30 years.


The future

With deep roots in the past, Gloria De Lor interprets the present and propels it into the future, projecting today’s taste, trends, and values into tomorrow unbound by the limits of daily life and enriched by endlessly listening of the heart.


One who labours with his or her hands is a worker.
One who works with his or her hands and head is a craftsman.
One who works with his or her hands, head, and heart is an artist

Saint Francis of Assisi